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One of those days

I've switched off my higher brain functioning today so I'm not going to get into the whole 'state of my head' thing, but so far today it has been one of those days.

Woke up at around... 1.30 I think it was, Dram circling noisily. This seems to be his new way of letting me know he needs to go out. So up I got, put a coat on over my PJs and took him into the garden where he did... nothing. Brought him back in and when he started the circling thing again I shut him out of the bedroom so I could get some sleep.

Wake up again at about 3ish with a huge clatter. Dram had knocked over the brush and pan that I'd left in the hall yesterday.

Woke up with my alarm and hit snooze continually because the early morning DJs are annoying and they played Keane. My snooze thing is set to ten minute intervals.

An hour after I should have been up I finally got up, opened the bedroom door and nearly threw up from the smell. Dram had decided that the hall floor was a better toilet than the garden at 1.30am and had not just done his business there, but had tracked it all the way up the hall. Out comes the mop and bucket and extra strength floor cleaner, the rugs go straight into the washing machine and I fling open every window I can. Still in my PJs, it's freezing cold and I'm retching constantly.

Get the hall cleaned up, get Dram's paws cleaned up, get him some fresh water and realise I have less than fifteen minutes to get showered, dressed and breakfasted. Jump in the shower really quickly, nearly scald myself two seconds later and quickly jump out again to switch off the washing machine. Back in the shower (quickest shower in the history of showers), out, dressed really quickly, discover my belt loops are just a little too narrow for the only belt I can find but force it through anyway, boiling the kettle as I'm brushing my teeth, realising that the house now stinks of floor cleaner which is almost as gag-worthy as what had greeted me when I opened the door and go hunting for air freshener, of course I can only find Febreze which is minging* but it's still better than what's there. Pour some coffee, realise the milk's turned after it's in the cup, throw it out, pour some more coffee with fresh milk, realise the kitchen walls are strobing with an orange light, remember it's bin day and rush out of the house just in time to get my wheelie bin to the kerb, back in the house, realise there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to drink the coffee and not be late, find a thermal mug and transfer the coffee to it so I can drink it in the car, grab a banana and check Dram's okay, grab my keys, and out the door.

Get to the car, realise I have no jacket or swipe card to get me into the library, say screw it, open the passenger door and toss everything I'm holding onto the passenger seat. Including the thermal mug full of coffee.

Swear loudly. Grab the mug, sweep everything else into the footwell and watch as the coffee sinks into the upholstery. Swear again. Get into the driver's side and drive away.

And realise my banana is on the kitchen table at home.

I have had no breakfast, I have a cup-a-soup with me for lunch and that's it. I need something solid or I will go nuts. *sigh*

And most of my windows are wide open still. I swear, if it wasn't for the fact that my house keys are on the same keyring as my car keys I'd be wondering if I'd left them in the lock! My neighbour's got a spare key and he's going to go in and shut the windows for me but my head's kinda wasted.

*minging (adj): colloquial term for disgusting. Chiefly used in the west of Scotland

ETA *headdesk*, so my claim that the day couldn't get any worse? Was tempting fate wasn't it?

Sites are down. Mostly. No clue why, especially since I was having FTP issues with it yesterday - if they've done something when they reset passwords I will scream. Especially since the FTP problem still isn't solved...

And would someone tell the annoying Italian guy at the desk that this is a library and he should STFU?!

second edit WTF? Do my host company read my LJ or what? *seems* like the sites are back up now. So what else is going to go wrong in an annoyingly non-hurty way?

final edit (no, really!) I am now all officially signed up for NaNoWriMo 2006 *g*
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