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Yeah, not doing that meme

Seriously, if you guys need me to tell you how I feel about civil rights as part of a 'meme' then why are you reading this? Not to negate anyone who has done/will do the meme, but I'm not intending to do it.

Back from therapy, still dislike her, she thinks I don't need medication and that all I need to do is get out more and stop isolating myself. Me, I think NaNoWriMo is going to be a great challenge and I know (from last year) that it won't destroy me if I don't complete it (although I still really want to and aiming for it!), she thinks I'm isolating myself again and avoiding social contact. She and I are never going to agree are we?

So... I'm not babysitting again tonight, Sis is giving herself a break from the hospital (one thing me and my therapist agree on is that I was pushing myself way too hard to try to make Sis's life easier to the point where I seriously crashed on Saturday) and although I think part of that might be because I flaked on her, I'm not so paranoid today to think that she's rejecting me.

Oh, and a word of advice for everyone. If you're in a rush in the morning and instead of doing last night's dishes you choose to 'hide' them in the oven, make sure you take them out again before you turn the oven on that night...
Tags: family, mental health, the day from hell
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