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My life in song...

The Vault channel (Sky 356 in the UK) always play 'classic' songs, mostly they're crap so I don't stay on the channel for long. But tonight? I can't switch it off...

It really is my life in song. One after the other.

1 - House of Pain - Jump Around. Politics aside, this was my signature song in a certain club in Glasgow which I'm now slightly ashamed to say I frequented never mind was known enough in to have a signature tune. In the early-mid nineties all I had to do was walk in there and within a couple of minutes Jump Around would be on. And it still gets me on the dance floor.

2 - The Connells - 74-75. I kinda don't like this song, never did, but it was once an 'our song' for me so...

3 - The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go? I was a teeny bit too young to be a punk first time round, so my real memory of this song is linked to the Levis advert, but hell, it opened my eyes to a whole world of music I had never heard before. So for that, I thank you Levi Strauss.

4 - Salt 'n' Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex. I mentioned I was a majorette once, right? Did I mention I was a Drum Majorette and used to choreograph routines? Well... I was and did. And I choreographed a routine to this. Which was never displayed in public demonstrations and for that fact I'm eternally grateful.

All I can say is thank goodness Bon Jovi has just come on to this channel. Now I can go to sleep!
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