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decision time

I've been getting really positive feedback for two of my stories recently and if I chose to focus on them in the way I think they deserve then it might mean all but abandoning one of my other works in progress and since I suck at decisions I thought I'd open it up to people who actually read the stuff to make my mind up!

I'm not saying I will never finish them, just that it might be a long time before a new part appears so here's the list of WIPs I've got on the go at the moment and a rough idea of what they're about.

What a Difference a Day Makes - my newest fic, B/X set a few months after Chosen. The Scoobies have split up and Xander's looking for something in the dark continent. He goes off the radar for a few days and Buffy finally realises she can't live without him - but what exactly happened is in that cave and why was he there?

For Good Men To Do Nothing - again set after Chosen and again Xander-centric. He realises that maybe the people around him don't know him all that well anymore and is forced to make a decision that will tear them apart. Can he go it alone? Why is an ex-lawyer involved and will they meet up eventually and manage to not kill each other? This is a wierd one which I like working on but have abandoned parts of it already. It will be a crossover story with multiple films/tv shows (so far in my head there's three and you guys only have had hints about one of them)

Slayerless - set in the summer between seasons three and four. Buffy's in a coma and is apparently being kept there by powerful mages called the Mitera who include Joyce. Dawn has appeared two years early and Tara has tried to warn Willow about what's going on.

Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way - set during season three from the Zeppo onwards, delving deeper into two characters and explaining their actions. F/X (yes, I'm writing an F/X fic, I know I haven't posted it yet but it's on my hard drive) I'm at a turning point in this story - could go dark, could stay light, haven't decided yet.

Secrets and Lies - set in the summer between seasons three and four, what really made Xander leave town for his road trip and exactly what went on in that time? Very, very dark - deals with major human violence and other distasteful topics. (again this one hasn't been posted yet)

Destiny - what would have happened if Willow hadn't succeeded in resurrecting Buffy in Bargaining? What if the dark magicks had consumed her at that point, would Xander be able to stop her then? Whose destiny is at hand and will they accept it? This was my first ever Buffy fanfic and I love the story to death but it's been a while since I've worked on it.

And that's it. All my works in progress laid bare - any thoughts?

I've set up a poll on the BBBFic list for this as well as posting the first part of Things...
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