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LIMS angsting

I love taking part in LIMS challenges when the topic is something I'm passionate about, each contest drives me to something new, to experiment with graphics, to be better. I've been part of three challenges so far, the now defunct whedon_lims in which I got through to the final and am insanely proud of almost every icon I created for that; doctorwholims which is ongoing and which I am still in after six rounds; and the latest one spnlims which is currently voting for round 2 (and which I am still in and won popular choice in the last round - *gulp*). So although my confidence in my abilities is often shaky, I know just by the fact that I am still in those contests (which have some astounding icon makers taking part) that I can do it when I am challenged. That the graphics I make are liked by people.

What I am angsting about is simply this, a lot of the time with my graphics the end result comes through trial and error. I'm getting better at knowing how to get an effect in advance, but a good... 70% of the time it's luck. And then I go back and work out how I got there so I can repeat it in the future. It's a learning process still. But when I have to vote against or for an icon in a LIMS contest, I am expected/required to give technical reasons as to why I feel an icon works or doesn't. My angst revolves around the fact that I feel a little like a fraud there - I don't always know the technical reasons behind something, art is an aesthetic form not a science.

I completely understand and applaud the reasons behind asking for technical reasons behind a vote, but sometimes I wish I could just say "I just... don't like it." or "When I look at it I get goosebumps, it's that good."

And looking at my entry in spnlims, surrounded by all of the other entries, I want to change it. Not majorly but there's something in it that just doesn't work for me any more. Does that make me a perfectionist?

ETA monkey_matt? Sorry I laughed at your hair... That was mean of me... even if it did look a little funny...

And, randomly, How cool is this? Open access academic electronic journal (meaning anyone can get free full text). I think I'm going to spending a whole lot of my time today just reading this journal!
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