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*whistles nonchalantly*

Dark!Xander fics aplenty by some astounding authors. (This is pretty much my reading list for the weekend by the way - so if I've not commented on your story yet it's simply because I haven't read it yet!)


wanders off to wonder that this is the third week in a row she's taking at least some time off on Friday so she can watch the new Supernatural episode. Yeah, it's now obsession... (like anyone's surprised?) and again spots that she's talking about herself in the third person. Should she be worried?

Oh - BiL is out of hospital, still no idea why he was coughing up blood but it's stopped now and there's no sign of infections/tumours/TB/whatever else they checked for and, now that he's been told I can tell you guys, Sis is pregnant. Again.


whiskyinmind: am bored...Any suggestions for a non-lethal world-endy Buffyesque threat that would involve two people but which won't actually put them in danger?
monkey_matt: Giant Marshmallow Dude. Or, of course, the world is slowly being taken over by jelly.
whiskyinmind: are you hungry by any chance?
monkey_matt: No.  Just thinking of safe, food related apocalypses.  Apocolypsi.  Apocolypsies.
whiskyinmind: Apocoli maybe?
monkey_matt: That sounds like a vegetable.
whiskyinmind: the difference being you can't really hide them under the mashed potatoes...
monkey_matt: Maybe that's how you stop this one.
whiskyinmind: drowning those trying to cause it in onion gravy....

Tags: family, random, wka
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