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Am now fully medicated and feeling much better. And Kerrang are playing a full 30 minutes of LostProphets so I'm kinda happy right now. *g* Still having issues which I'm not really ready to share and which'll probably keep me a little quiet for a while. Maybe. Or maybe I'll be over-sharing again before you know it, I never can tell so how can I expect anyone else?

I'm having serious writing issues right now, I know exactly what I want to achieve with my OFWI2 fic but... every time I sit to write it, nothing comes. I will get it, hell I have nothing to do at work tomorrow so I can get *something* done then and spend the next week editing it, but right now I'm getting a little "Gah!!!!" about it. I *will* have it done, I'm not worried about that, it's just... being awkward. :)

Yay! Burn Burn's on! (*bounces around the room for a while*)
Tags: fic wips, mental health
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