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Urgent email to work the other day: "What's happened?! The LexisNexis* and Westlaw holdings are all messed up!! Fix it now please!"
I spend a while clicking on links, running searches on both sites to confirm the holdings on the catalogue are what we're getting and email the person back saying "It looks to me as if everything's as it should be. Can you give me a title that's wrong?"
Indignant email comes back saying "I'm sorry Shona but you're wrong. They are two competing companies and don't have the same content. I'll send you a list."
I sigh and notice she's ignored the part where I said I'd checked and could get access... and email this back: "Thanks for getting back so quickly on this - I had checked to see if I could access the full text on both sites and seemed to be able to, but I bow to your greater knowledge of the way the sites work. Thanks again!" Which, yeah, could be read as me being snarky (because it totally is) but hopefully since she's so sure of her facts the snark'll go over her head...

Aaaand, on other topics, I didn't actually post a reaction to SPN 2.03 did I? Huh, I liked it, but not as much as the first two episodes to be honest. It felt a little slow in places and (forgive me) but Amber seemed a little... off. The brothers interaction was of course the strongest part of the episode, that punch... *oh, Dean!* but I think a lot of that may have gone over the heads of casual viewers, or people who hadn't seen the show before this episode - it worked, don't get me wrong, but I think it may have left people with a niggling feeling of "meh".

I couldn't help but see a little role reversal going on here - season one we had Sam being single minded about his quest for vengeance and we had Dean trying (with varying degrees of success) to draw him back into the family unit, to distract him, to give him other reasons to carry on. In Bloodlust we have Dean single-mindedly throwing himself into his role as 'Hunter', his focus has shifted from that which he spoke of in Wendigo - keeping the family/victims safe there was at least of equal importance to the task of "killing as many evil sons of bitches as I can". Now he's all about the hunt, the bloodlust. The fact that the victims/family in this scenario turned out to be the very things he was hunting with such single-mindedness is just one more thing that is going to break him just a little more inside.

Remember that whole "Sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding it together" speech to Sam? If that's how he felt then, before John's death, do you really think lashing out at the Impala is going to have fixed him? So not. That boy is going to break and the only good thing about it right now is that Sam is the one who has taken on the supportive role and seems determined to be there to pick up the pieces. Just like Dean was there for him last year.

Woah, guess I had more to say about the episode than I thought I did! I haven't rewatched it yet - which is a first for me, normally when a new episode airs I will have seen it at least twice by the time Monday comes around - should manage to do that tonight I think. And then maybe draw all my thoughts about it into a coherant post rather than an unplanned ramble. *g*

And even though she wasn't in the episode, I still like Jo and still despair of the immediate and worryingly intense hatred some people have for her. Change is good, remember, she's not going to be riding along in the Impala with them, she's not going to destroy the concept of the show. She's adding a new dynamic and yeah, maybe having a little tension between the brothers that comes from a relatively normal circumstance (like a girl coming between them for example) would add an interesting twist to the whole show. And anyway, she's only in... what, three episodes out of the first thirteen?

And why am I suddenly addicted to M&Ms? Can't get enough of the little coloured pieces of chocolate... (although I couldn't find any of the crispy ones, am I the only person in the world who likes them? Have they been withdrawn?)

* LexisNexis references still make me smirk 'cause of the random way Sam refers to it in Supernatural (completely out of context but hey, I've mentioned that before!) dontcha just love it when librarians start nit-picking fandom? *g*

ETA Holy Crap! I'm through to the final of doctorwholims!! And I got through the next round of spnlims as well...

1 - banner thingy that thedothatgirl and I talked about.
2 - icons for doctorwholims and spnlims
3 - email liz_marcs (Sorry Liz, meant to email you last night but I fell asleep...) Done!
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