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Being Random...

I've been cutting down the amount of time I spend online at the weekends lately for various reasons and I can't believe I missed this. I am a horrible, horrible friend....

Happy Belated Birthday emeraldswanEmmy!!!

I'm so sorry I missed it - I suck, clearly.

I'm in the process of coming up with some guidelines/not-quite-rules for the SlayerVerse 'athon' which I really need to come up with a name for - I've been half-calling it "Street Spirit" in my head 'cause of the Radiohead song but it's (like so many of my titles) randomly obscure so better suggestions please? Once I've compiled the guidelines I'll stick 'em up here in a wide open post for people to register interest if they like - although there's going to be no required sign up since it's an open 'athon' with no individual assignments. Timing wise, I was half-thinking the end of December since I know a lot of people will be NaNoing next month (myself included) but would January work better for people? How about have posting start on the 1st of Jan and run through to the end of the month?

Random segue #4,397. So Torchwood started last night on BBC3 (I imagine the torrent's up by now). I liked it, mostly, although I am a little narked that Rusty isn't even trying to hide his fanboy crush on Whedon now. Seriously, you have an angsty character getting his own spin off and you spend the first couple of episodes establishing that he can't die, that he's disconnected from humanity and have him stand on top of high buildings surveying the city around him. (And let's not even get into the fact that the second episode was a complete re-write of the Angel episode where Kate first appears - except here the phallic parastitic demon is replaced by the ultimate in Freudian nightmares - the Vagina Dentata.) nostalgia_lj has had the same thought I did about the 'hand in the jar' and Jack's *attachment* to it - I give it maybe three more hours before the first NC-17 fic appears based on it. And how long do you guys give it before the first Torchwood/BtVS s4 Initiative crossover fic appears? Hell, I even thought of writing one before the first episode even aired... *g*

What next? Will there be a ragtag team of beings who were on the losing side of the Time War just trying to get by on the fringes of space society whilst smuggling someone whose brain has been altered to turn them into the ultimate psychic weapon? Oh... wait... he wouldn't. Would he?

Really, really, really hope Sister listened when I told her Torchwood was too adult for my nephew to watch...

Oh! Oh! Just sent this in an email to smileawhile and thought "Huh, that's actually kinda LJ worthy... so... ETA Owen's a bastard, right? Morally unsound potential date-rapist who needs a good kicking (and his mouth is too wide - or is that just me being weird?) so... Since Rusty is 'borrowing' from AtS how cool would it be to: "horribly kill of the rapist-bastard Owen mid-season and bring in Mickey in a way that in no way parrallels that Joss Whedon show at all..."

And my boss ain't here today, which means I get a good run at all the *stuff* I need to do - sorry thedothatgirl, I didn't get that banner started for you - hopefully tonight. Definitely you'll have a proof copy by Wednesday at the very latest. (As well as those light filters I'm going to be sending you!)

SPN thoughts coming later in another post, again I want to rewatch it and get my brain together first. What I will say right now is this: Oh, Dean! *g*
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