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The SlayerVerse Fandom 'athon' Sign-Ups and Guidelines.

(Seriously, does anyone have a better name for this?!)

In a bid to prove that BtVS and AtS fandom is as strong as ever, we're organising a fandom exchange. An 'athon', if you will. :)

1 - Sign-ups are not required.  If you do plan to contribute, please comment here so we can get an idea of numbers - but feel free to jump in at the last minute if the muse strikes! This is an 'open' fandom contribution, meaning there are no assignments, prompts, specific people to write/vid/design for. This also means that if you have to drop out or don't manage to complete something, no one is being left in the lurch.

2 - All fandom contributions accepted. Fic, vids, graphics, meta essays, whatever you're inspired to create, we'd love to see it!

3 - All genres, ratings and pairings accepted (except for where this contradicts #8). All work should be marked with appropriate content alerts - slash, het, gen, et cetera - and age restrictions. This will be clarified when posting officially starts. So long as your work is rooted in the basic concept of the SlayerVerse it does not have to include established characters - you can go three thousand years into the future or a hundred years into the past. Wherever and whenever your muse takes you is more than okay with us!

4 - There will be a minimum contribution. Shall we say… 1000 words, 10 icons, 2 larger graphics (wallpapers, banners etc), or 60 seconds of vid? Anything over these limits would be fantabulous!

5 - WIPs are welcome! Obviously, this is less than ideal for graphics and vids, but if you can work around it you do not have to complete your project by 31st of January so long as you provide a 'down-payment' (not actual money of course!).

6 - All content must be freely available to everyone without having to register on a site. So this means you can't link to work in a 'friends locked' livejournal post, or to a closed archive.

7 - All NSFW (not safe for work) content must carry the appropriate warnings. This includes the content of the page you are linking to - for example if the page you link to has NC-17 rated material (graphics or otherwise) you *must* warn of this even if your contribution itself is safe for work. (That is such a long winded way of saying it - sorry!)

8 - No RPF/RPS fic please. I know it's a large part of fandom but it's also probably *the* most contentious so to avoid ruffled feathers, this one is going to be a no-no.

9 - The masterlist will go up on 1st January 2007 and you have until 31st January 2007 to link to your contribution. Links should be submitted as replies to the masterlist post and should use the headings that will be supplied therein.

10 - Pimp. Spread the news far and wide! The more people we can get to contribute to this, and the wider the variety of contributions, the better! Hopefully this will introduce people to new genres, pairings, media - things they never considered before.

11 - Most important of all - Have Fun!

You don't have to have a LiveJournal account to participate - so long as you can find someplace to archive your work then that's all we ask.

Any questions? Anything you think I've forgotten? Ask away!

One thing I did forget to mention, all contributions should be new and created for this 'athon'. Something that has been sitting completed on your hardrive for a year would not be appropriate, but an idea you've been toying with for a while and want to use this as a kickstart for? Absolutely!

Tags: fandom, pimping!, slayerversathon
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