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Yay! Double figures already!

Less than twenty four hours and already we've hit double figures for potential entrants in the Slayerversathon! Thank you all! I'll try to remember to link to the sign up/guidelines post every time I post  for the next little while. *hugs you all*

While I'm pimping, please go take a look at the voting post over at doctorwholims - they desperately need more votes and it's the final round of this challenge. Go, make someone's day! And while you're there - sign up for the next challenge!

I'm giving y'all advanced notice right now, writing is probably going to be becoming my main focus for the next little while - my OFWI2 fic is due soon and events of this week have changed my outlook on it somewhat so it's thrown a bit of a curve ball right now and I'm contemplating where that's taking me. Plus, two o'clock this morning I was wide awake scribbling down notes for my NaNoWriMo project which I still plan to go ahead with. Three pages of A4 of notes at 2am... *shakes head* this is eating my brain.

So I may be a little more absent than I have been lately, plus personal issues being what they are I don't really feel up to being online for all that long. *hugs you all again*

ETA Oh, *now* the torrent for SPN's up. It couldn't have gone up 'fore I had to leave this morning, oh no, it goes up while I'm at work and can't start the download... *grumble*

second edit I'm compiling a CD with tracks inspiring my NaNo story and I was wondering if anyone of you lovely flisters might have a copy of Ocean Colour Scene's 100 Mile High City you'd be willing to share? *bats eyelashes*. I keep hearing it on the radio but I don't have it on any of my albums...
Tags: fic wips, flist love, graphics, nanowrimo, pimping!, slayerversathon
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