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What the frell?!

Damn my work ethic that kept me in that bloody office 'till 5 (Ha!)... now I have to wait 8 hours for this bloody download to complete.

*grumbles and tries to avoid SPN spoilers for 8 hours*

*remembers she was saying how she probably wouldn't be online so much and shakes head...*

Slayerversathon sign ups here!

eta oh... dilemma... download has now finished, but so have... a few beers. And Douglas Adams' best work is currently on Paramount 2... do I watch SPN whilst slightly inebriated, or do I stay up till 3.40 am watching the original TV version of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (including the annoying voice of blonde chick whose name I can't remember - wanna say Davidson?)? And watch SPN in the morning? I'm thinking... I'll watch HGttG now (for as long as I stay awake) and watch SPN tomorrow....

second edit Dickenson. Not Davidson, Sandra Dickenson.
Tags: supernatural
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