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Every show gets to have a bad episode, right? I just didn't figure that episode would be the Ben Edlund one.

Hmmm. There was good stuff, there was some LOL moments and some cute bits, but overall? It lacked any sense of cohesiveness and it screwed with continuity a little too much. Maybe giving a 'mythology' episode to a first-time writer on the show wasn't the best thing they could've done? Maybe Edlund should've been let out on a MotW ep to give him a feel for the format, 'cause from this? He doesn't have it.


Oh, and while Jensen does have a pretty good voice, if I wanna hear him sing I can stick on my SCB CD and skip through to Hummingbird Billy next time...

And I wanna like Jo - really - but this made her look terrible (as well as having *awful* taste in music she was manipulative and a l'il bit whiney). Although I'm thinking maybe she could be one of the 'kids like Sam' [sic] which would help explain things - and since we now have the whole thing about the mother not having to have been slashed and burned alive then it could happen.

In other news, I think I love Heroes. Sat and watched the first 5 eps pretty much back to back and am most impressed so far...
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