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odd weekend. Odder Monday

I am off the wagon, officially. I got more than a li'l drunk on Friday and fell asleep watching HGttG on Paramount 2. Woke up halfway through the repeat of the first episode after falling asleep midway through the third. That was decidedly odd.

Spent all day Saturday not being talked to by my nephew (and neice 'cause she's at the stage where she copies everything her big brother does) and zoning out. Ate at MacDonalds which I hate. Had more beer and watched SPN.

Sunday... spent most of the morning (and a good deal of the afternoon) collecting and burning a twenty track compilation CD which'll be the soundtrack for NaNoWriMo this year.. and drinking beer. Realised about seven o'clock that the only thing I'd actually eaten all weekend was the Grilled Vegie Melt Deli Sandwich at McD's and stuck some Spring rolls in the oven. Fell asleep and woke up to realise that the clocks had gone back on Sunday morning. Reset my alarm and fell asleep again.

My alarm didn't go off this morning. I have no idea why, I probably screwed it up when I reset the times but it seems okay.

So I have not had breakfast, I've had very little to eat all weekend and I'm kinda hungover.

Oh, and I forgot my meds this morning.

My head is going to explode.

Haven't seen Torchwood yet by the way - I think it should have taped last night, but going on the alarm clock fiasco I have no idea if it did or not. Guess I'll find out tonight, if I manage to make it home without turning into a short-lived character in a remake of Scanners...

eta it's bad enough that there's no coffee worth drinking in this place, but there's no damn sugar either... I can't even prop myself up with caffeine now. Oh good grief I am going to be such a cow by this afternoon...

Slayerversathon link...
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