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Writing update

So I didn't get my OFWI2 fic completed yesterday although I did get a good way through it (and have yet to feature an appearance from the second of the two characters... *headdesk*) and it's meant that NaNoWriMo is being pushed back a little. Should hopefully have the fic done today and NaNo started tonight. Hopefully.

Of course, the fact that I was writing long hand yesterday and can a) barely read my own writing; b) barely feel anything in my right hand doesn't exactly bode well for the rest of today does it...

Ah well.

(yeah, as you can see from the little graphic there... I started on NaNo. will be finishing the OFWI2 fic before I do any more of it though!)

Slayerversathon sign ups and guidelines
Tags: fic wips, nanowrimo
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