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Why did I decide to take a quick nap last night before starting any writing? Tell me why, someone? Anyone? My 'quick nap' turned into about ten hours sleep (which I didn't *really* need) and absolutely no writing got done at all. So I have, by my reckoning, about two thousand words to go on my OFWI2 fic - although it is showing signs of being longer, dammit - and then around 2,500 words to catch up to target on NaNo.

And work has decided that this is going to be one of the weeks where I actually have things (albeit boring things) to do that do actually take the time my boss thinks they do.

*half-hearted grumble*

My preponsity for procrastination and prevarication has absolutely no impact on this at all. No really. (Hee - illiteration, well, kinda.) And the fact that I'm writing this instead of OFWI2 is in no way related...
*goes off to open up "OFWI2-2.doc"....*

ETA ooops... the milk I brought in is out of date by one day and someone was about to bin it. It's been in my fridge since the weekend and seems okay... I stopped her. I'll use it even if no one else does... *g*

second edit I fail at ficathons. *files another draft under 'B' for bin and tries to start again*
Tags: fic wips, nanowrimo, random
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