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A Day Without Me

So I spent my day without LJ hitting F5 repeatedly and reading. I know, I should have been writing, but I found a book which I could not put down.

All those times I've felt completely alone, and that no one could ever understand what the hell was going on in my head (how could they, when even I don't?), all those times I felt so alien - I wasn't alone. I don't know if what I have is manic depressive illness, or bipolar disorder, what I do know is that I have never read anything that so closely mirrored my own reactions. Never have I seen anything that resonated so strongly with me.

So now that I'm stuck with deep thoughts all day, I'm going to go write. Because I'm more inspired now than I have been for an - pardon the pun - insanely long time.
Tags: mental health
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