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09 November 2006 @ 09:19 am
Because the last thing I need is another project...  
got about 200 words of NaNo done yesterday before INAP started arsing about and I gave up on everything and watched cheesy sci-fi for the rest of the day. I shouldn't make plans, I only fail to get them done and my perfectionist personality means I just get all pissed of with myself about it all. So... bit busy at the moment with *stuff* but luckily work has calmed down now to a not quite so mind-numbingly repetitive mode so I should be able to get some writing done during the day now.

And I do have another project that is trying to grab my attention right now, I *might* do it, I might not - I'll see how long the prospect excites me and if I'm still wanting to do it in a month then I'll actually do it (and stop being so vague)...

Updates on the sites - I know Effects of a Troubled Heart and Hand on Heart have been down for nearly half a year now, but they will be back. I've mostly been waiting to ensure the latest upload of the efiction script was stable before I used it on multiple sites. Now that it is - the problems yesterday weren't related to the script, they were related to my host company making changes to the server without warning me - I will be going ahead and re-booting the two existing archives. Except... the files are stored on my laptop in a secure folder, and at the moment my sister has my laptop to complete her college work. It was due this week and I know she was working on it at the weekend (she phoned me during the rugby to ask a grammar question) so *hopefully* I should have it back soon and can get the sites back online.

Related to that - the screencap resource site is not returning. I had most of season two Doctor Who episodes capped and I was the freezeframenetwork site for Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, but the bandwidth usage and the site hits are no longer viable. pointless nostalgic is in the process of coming back - it will house all of *my* work (fic, graphics, original writing etc) and there are plans in the works to have a tie-in to that for the fic I had previously been hosting for others (outwith the three Xander-centric sites). So that will all be coming back - hopefully before too long.

So that's more or less where I'm at with the sites - apologies for not keeping you all up to date with them more often but a lot of the time I didn't actually know myself what was going on.

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