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See, strange man who lives in the same village I do and makes no sense? This is the kind of email I like getting at work:

Many thank Shona - You are a STAR

Okay, we'll ignore the missing 's' there and just bask in the fact that someone thinks I'm a huge ball of flaming gasses. Oh, wait... that was meant to be a good thing, right?

I'm beginning to think I may be turning into a crotchety old woman. Haven't rewatched the SPN episode yet because I'm worried I won't like it any better the second time, and I seem to be the only person on the planet who thinks that last episode of Torchwood was a bit... crap.

Ah well, it's back to NaNo for a while then...

(Oh, I didn't get through to the next round of spnlims but I'm actually just really chuffed to have gotten so far against such tough competition! I posted the icon and alternates over here at fandomsbitca)

BTW - still feel like crap, to the point where someone just wanted to check I wasn't dead yet. And it's only Tuesday.

Oh and green tea with mint is like drinking cat pee with chewing gum. I'm just sayin'

Tags: icons: spn, random, work
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