the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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my muse is back!

My muse does funny things like wander off in the middle of a story, almost as though he's saying "There. It's started and it's going to bug you for days until it's finished so I'm going for a walk - see how you like it." (yes my muse is male, strange I know - although possibly not as strange as the fact that I hold conversations with him (and not always in my head - are you scared yet? *grin*))

So, I got a whole screed of planning done for Difference a few days back and then started up on the follow up/second part of Alone All Along when I suddenly dried up. Not 100% sure what I did to offend him, all I know is that my muse buggered off and wasn't seen for about a week.

Now he's back! Yay! I'll be posting updates on fics soon! Double yay! Destiny is finally being worked on again - yay!
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