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yesterday - productivity coming out of my bottom, as Anya would no doubt say.

today - yeah. Not so much.

I watched House though, and compiled most of the second CD of my soundtrack. And got annoyed at House too - well, someone who's just been told that they've spent their life since age 6 acting as a parent to their family is going to have some sympathy for the kid who acknowledges that he's too young to be a dad to his brother and sister, and that same someone would happily kick Foreman's ass repeatedly for his self-righteous crap right about now.

And I got another white board and markers. That makes three now, and they're all full of notes. What're white boards made off? I'm decorating my hall right now, could I just turn all the walls there into white board material? Would that work? Hell, I'm sure I have 50,000 words just as notes on this damn thing alone. Plus, I wrote the final scene today. Or at least, the first draft of the final scene. Shame I have all the scenes up to then to write still... Yes, I'm procrastinating again, I'm kinda taking the day off I think. Which, given that the day is actually more or less over and it's now early evening, is more or less a foregone conclusion really.

Got an amazing offer from smileawhile there which I'm seriously tempted by - I'll let you know asap sweetie - which'll cut into my productivity even more.

My mind is like the weather at the moment, it's stormy and unpredictable and changes every time I turn around. I'm emo, I'm annoyed I can't write, I'm frustrated with myself because I can't afford to get the kids the presents I want to for the holidays, I'm tired of being in this house but when I went out this morning all I wanted to do was get home again, I'm scunnered. But give me an hour and some chocolate and I'll be bouncy and excited about something again.

Photoshop is not cooperating either - in my time away from writing I've opened it up and tried out various things (including the banners for booster17 - not forgotten them!) but everything is just... bleugh so nothing's getting saved. Yes I know, perfectionism, but what're you going to do?

Oh - I decided today that the WKA is definitely going to extend the nomination period for this round. What with everything that's been going on with my life in the last couple of months it's very much taken a back seat. I haven't updated the site for far too long (there are quite a few nominees to be added still), I haven't contacted any of the nominees since the first couple of weeks of nominations and I've done zero pimping. I am so sorry for that - I'm going to extend the nominations period by a month. So screening will start the first week in January and voting will start the second week of the new year. I'll update the site with that info real soon. I promise.
Tags: flist love, nanowrimo, this productivity can't last, tv, white knight awards
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