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that's a great word, bleurgh, sums up exactly how I'm feeling right now. Turns out anti-hayfever pills really don't keep all that long and I probably should have checked the use by date on the wrapper.

My head feels like it's twice the size of normal and I feel sick to my stomach, which is currently empty because I can't face the thought of eating anything. I'm at work, and I've had two important meetings this morning both of which overran meaning that my lunch break got cut short (I'll add it to my flexitime though) and I have to try to work out what the hell's wrong with the worst computer programme in the world (Millennium - any librarians on my flist, do not even think about getting this monster, it's the worst designed programme ever which will gobble up all available memory and processing power on your system and then still not work) and I don't even work in IT...

Ah well, at least it's sunny and this prescribed-drug induced funk I'm in should clear by tomorrow when I've got the day off! Yay!
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