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Another Saturday, another day at Murrayfield...

Apologies to all Australians on my flist...

My boy Chris! Penalty! 3-0!
SIMON!!! & conversion! 10-0!
awwww. Simon's off injured - nice way to leave though!
Gah! Get it away! Get it the hell away!
Crap! 10-3! Ozzie try.
Argh! (I just barked. A Human Being. I barked.)
Conversion. 10-10
Closer than I thought...
Scottish defence is awesome.
Goddammit that Ozzie bloke is fast!
Australian line outs are weak as hell! But dammit they are stronger in the scrum. We need to go for the drop goals and/or penalties. Chris is doing damn well so far (please don't jinx him!) and can kick the winners. Go for it son....
we lost another scrum. Gah!
bugger. Picked up a loose ball, Kelly Brown did well but now we've lost it.
Ozzie line out. - YES! We won it!
Dan! Parks kick straight into an Ozzie's hands,,,,
Goddamit they're quick!
Off-ball tackle by an Ozzie and yet they have the freaking penalty?! Within the 22... it'll be a damn miracle if it's not 10-13 in a second... there it is. Bugger.
Knock on - Scottish advantage.
Scrum, in their 22 I think...
Yes! Nice...
Bugger... lost possession.
Ozzie line out again - they've sucked at these so far. Not this one,
Our bloody 22! Get him on the bloody ground!
Ozzie lost forward. *phew*
Our scrum. On our 22.... we are so going to lose this game if it keeps going to scrum...
Parks cleared and straight into a Gold's hands... again!
Oz scrum. In our bloody 22 again...
you cannot let them push like that - not so close to the damn line!
Lost forward - thank f*ck.
Scrum. Ours. Right in front of the damn posts.
collapsed again - their fault.
Penalty - Scotland.
Get it clear... finally!
Our line out - bugger! We screwed that one up...
Scrum now... Oz.
Collapsed again. And again - Oz penalty.
bugger... bugger... bugger.... miss....miss...miss...miss...miss...miss...miss...miss.... 10-16 crap.
Is it half time yet?
ooooo - going for the tough approach. WTF? get out of our goddamn 22!!!!
Nice line out...
oooo - temper temper!
Scottish penalty. Lineout - back to the halfway line.
nice! Go Southwell!
Almost to their 22....
Go! Keep going!
Bugger. Oz advantage... Good play on their part.
ooo blood injury - should be off the field...
scrum again... Oz put in. Cleared to touch.
Gah! They won *our* line out...
in our 22...
that was so forward... not called.
if they don't get the try then it'll be a damn miracle...
SCOTLAND PENALTY! Damn good defence there! I believe in miracles!
half time...


we have to start strong...
good kick Hugo! Gah! Bad bounce... back to the 10 yard line.
and there we go - this is how to play rugby! Almost to the line...
keep going, keep going.
GAH! So damn close...
almost a try but Southwell didn't quite manage it. Oz penalty - cleared. Good clearance. 10 yard line? is that bloody legal?
GNNNHH!!!! From one end to the other...
Oz adavnage. They're there...
Try. DAMN!
tough kick for the conversion... bugger. 10-23
Still much closer than I thought....
GNH! Come on Hall!
NO! Injury...
Scottish penalty?
Go Lamont!
Cleared by Oz.
We still have a man down. - Who is it? De Rollo. Blood injury - busted nose from the looks of it. Accidental but nasty.
Our line out at their 22
keep it going....
their defence is spot on right now...
Lost forward - Oz scrum.
Ha! Townsend (one of my heroes) has said he doesn't want us to 'chase the game'. They're 13 points in front!! What're we meant to do?
Lost it. Oz kick clear - not that far, just outside the 22
Scottish line out - not straight again. Bugger.
Scrum - Oz put in.
Nice defence from Scotland, cleared but not top touch.
Southwell has it. to the 10 yard line. Could have been further, but it's safe.
Oz line out.
DAMN they're quiick!
another Oz try. Were the Scots sleeping there?!
Good place for conversion - they've not missed one yet. 10-30....
NICE! Wow -
thought we'd lost it...
mistake by Tikiri...
Sean Lamont try...
nooooooooooooooo! My boy Chris didn't get the conversion...
Quick restart
De Rollo's back. Hall's coming off and so's Park? He's made some mistakes today but I dunno if I'd have taken him off.
Oz are close to the 22
Yikes! Tikiri (or however it's spelled) was so damn close there. Good defence from Scotland.
Oz injury.
Could be a scrum at the 22 or it could be a line out - scrum.
Collapsed again.
Scotland get the penalty
cleared to... 10 yard?
Bad line out - Oz got possession
Cleared to touch. not too bad  - 10 yard line again.
Oz have possession. They are so going for it....
Scots have it... long kick into the 22 but no one to catch it.
Oz clearance to just before our 22
do they have like three times the number of players on the field?! Where are all the blue shirts?!
Oz advantage... Oz penalty in front of the posts.
Kicked to touch.
almost at the line....
good defence...
gnnnnhhhh.... going to video for the judgement on whether Oz have the try.
No Try!
Scotland scrum at the 5m line.
Yes - Scotland have a chance to clear it now.
Scottish line out - good line out.
Oz #4 warned. Bad boy...
Commentry's writing them off already - game's not over yet guys!
Good drive from the Scots.... penalty to Scotland.
Another warning for Oz for bad tackling. Hee!
Nice kick to touch! We're within... 6 metres of their line now.
Another warning for Oz
Nice line out...
Go for it boys...
keep it moving...
Yellow card for Oz! Bad, bad boy...
F*ck off whoever's phoning me!
GNNNH!!!! On the damn line!
GNNNNHHH! They just cannot get the ball over the line....
Still Scottish advantage....
NO!!!! Lost it....
Kelly Brown's coming off... so's Scott Murray. Hmmm. Odd choices.
Oz clearance. Now their line out.
Scots free kick.
nearly to the 5 yard line...
oh that so deserves a penalty! Oz are playing dirty now!
keep it moving.... almost...
gah! offside... bugger, bugger, bugger!
Most of the play has been at the right end of the field, but we've not been capitalising on this!
Bill McLaren (God of Rugby)'s grandson's just come on
CRAP! They are so damn quick!
Missed tackle, Oz ran for it and got the try between the posts. BUGGER!
I've lost track of the score now - what, 15-35? Something like that.
And.... there's the conversion... 15-37
Not all that reflective of the game to be honest.
They are the better team but we've been holding our own.
Temper temper!
Scottish penalty, fight on the halfway line.
Southwell clears to the 22
Line out... messy...
we have it - keep the ruck...
oooo - they're getting vicious now!
over the 22...
lucky call... (should have been knock on - off the knee was the call)
Oz ball right next to the damn line....
cleared to touch, not too far though.
Scots line out
couple of changes to the Oz side - no idea of who it is.
Good line out...
lost forward. Oz advantage.
There's no way we can win this now, but damn this has been a bloody good match!
one might accuse the Ozzie boys of time-wasting here...
Less than 5 minutes to go...
Scrum Oz put in - good god they're fast...
Almost the full bloody length of the field there!CLEAR IT!!!
See?! You didn't clear it now they have it and they're on the damn line!
Oooo - temper! Warning there... to Scotland. Ouch. BAAAAAD BOY! (Jacobson)
Scrum on the damn line near enough.
And there's the try.
Bloody hell!
And... the conversion. *sigh* 15-44
All done.
Good game, the score doesn't reflect thequality - but c'est la vie!
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