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Is it physically possible?

Is it physically possible to write 44,000 (aprox) words in four days? Well, probably not if I keep spamming eljay, watching the rugby, hand-holding a reluctant student through a 7,000 word essay (that she's had over a year to write and still hasn't done...) and generally avoiding writing. The annoying thing is, when I do actually get into the groove, I get screeds done at a time, but finding that groove is a whole lot tougher than it first seems. The big red 0 on one of the white boards next to the 23rd Nov is taunting me with the day I didn't write a blasted thing. I have a bunch of stuff I need to do today as well, and I just know I'm going to lose most of the day answering phone calls from that student (Sis) I mentioned - as well as going over her essay. And yet here I am, posting to eljay and not writing.

*shakes head*

yeah... I used to be good at deadlines, honest, but lately? I just can't find the motivation. I know I've said all along that the total word count isn't the main goal for me - and it still isn't - getting the story completed has always been my plan. But the thing is, now it's so close to the end date, the word countage is becoming hugely important to me. And I know there's probably no way I can get it done but, how much would it rock if I did? The story is a *huge* one, content and plot points and characters are not the problem, it's me. It's sitting here at this damn computer and getting it into the .doc file without checking the word count every five minutes and getting annoyed that it's not up to whatever I wanted it to be...

Okay, I'm going to stop spamming now. I'm going to check my neighbour's not around and if he isn't I'm going to crank up the volume and not move until I actually have the scene that has been going on for 1500 words completed.
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