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not dead yet

slept a little last night and woke up alive this morning, so that's a good thing. Right?

Have managed to get some writing done today as well, as well as bitching at Scottish Gas for threatening to disconnect me. Seriously, they owe me 100 quid on my electricity, I missed one payment on my gas and they were going to cut me off and charge me for the privilege? Yeah... so not happening. :)

How difficult is it to get a replacement cable for a PS2? BiL managed to get hold of a second hand one which they were planning to give nephew for his Christmas but the power cable's jiggered. I've just done some trawling of the usual sites and cannot for the life of me find one! Plenty for the US but none for the UK. *grrr*

ETA I'm at home, sitting at my computer which is next to one of the interior doors of the house. All the windows and exterior doors are shut (it's November, it's Scotland, I'm not insane) and yet the windchimes that are attached to the hall ceiling right outside this door are chiming gently. This is weird...
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