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No one would have believed, in the last days of November 2006, that Sho was having so much fun writing this damn story! Especially since she keeps bitching about it...  But really, I am loving this. Okay so I'm a world champion procrastinator, I'm scared of showing this to anyone because they will point and laugh, I'm scared of reading it back when it's all over, I'm getting scared that sometimes it seems to be writing itself and I'm getting a little scared that I seem to be losing complete days writing this. (And that my knees are getting sore from not moving about very much...) But I am loving every single moment.

My simple three character driven piece has grown into a much larger ensemble story because when I get into a character who's supposed to be a bit part, a CPD if you will, I fall for them hard and want to see what makes them tick. Take Anne-Marie, she was supposed to be this snob who the mother of the antagonist emulated, she was supposed to have maybe three minutes of screen time (yeah, have I mentioned I'm treating this like a spec for a TV show?) and then she suddenly grew to dominate the story and has this whole huge backstory which is dominating the second act. (Or will when I actually make it to the second act... *g*)

I also need a new whiteboard - the one which had some space for character notes now has writing all over it going in all directions as I tried to fit in new ideas at three o'clock this morning.

And the soundtrack I've compiled is made of awesome. Huge thanks to iyalode, amy_star_, acme54 and everyone who commented here for their suggestions for it - including some tracks I'd never heard before. Once I have a little space to breathe I'll be uploading it all for download - it's something like forty tracks right now, that's what... a double CD? (More suggestions gratefully received by the way - hell, if it ends up as a ten-CD box set I ain't going to complain!)

Right, off to go write the POV of yet another character who I almost didn't include in person but have completely fallen in love with....

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