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Pimping! And NaNo running total

Sign ups are currently open for the next round at spnlims - come on over, take a look, sign up! There are some seriously talented iconers among you so if this sounds like the kind of thing you'd be interested in then you should definitely give it a go!

Sign-up here

... and ...

since I'm being oddly productive today, I've decided this'll be my last post 'till I either have something huge to say, until NaNo's finished, or until I hit the target. *g* (cue a post in about a half hour with me saying "I can't do this!!!")

As incentive, I'm sticking this right here so if I'm tempted to procrastinate I can see just how much I have to do in just over 31 hours.

Dude - how come I couldn't have done this yesterday? That's over 7,000 words in one day so far (and I aint planning on stopping until I hit 20,000 which'll be another 1500 words from now). If I'd done this yesterday and today then I might just have had a chance of getting it completed... Still, there's another 26 hours to go I suppose... Sleepiness is... okay, my brain has switched off and I can't even quote Firefly anymore... weakness of character! That's what sleepiness is...

*points at word count*
*falls over ded*
*sets alarm for seven in the am*
Tags: pimping!, supernatural
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