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Message for Monkey monkey_matt

Dude, have you seen Wonder Boys?

'cuz you would love it. And if you haven't, lemme know and I'll bring it into work on Monday.

And engelsteorra? 'know how we were talking the other week about everyone  needing to have a 'feel good' film? Yeah, well I do have one. Thank you honey.


*back to NaNo*

ETA fresleyforever - my phone is currently back to playing silly buggers and won't let me send a text to you - I have to submit the total file by midnight tonight to validate the NaNo thing, if I get to 50,000, but once that's done I'm  going to post if all over at pathscrossed. :)

Before I go for the night (not *that* many words to go), I shall leave you with this thought for Saint Andrew's Day.

Necessity may be the mother of invention. But Scotland is where she gives birth.
Tags: film recs, flist love
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