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... and ow.

I fell and have a sore leg now. It is going to bruise, I can feel the blood cells dying off as I type... Dancing on linoneum in socks is not a good plan when celebrating. Word to the wise.

The story still is not done, in fact, to be honest, I actually think this story might never quite be done - but then, Stephen King said that about the Dark Tower stories once...

I'm kinda stunned right now. The last.. 30,000 words are mostly hyperbolic nonsensical... words... but the story is still glimmering through it. I plan to finish this part of the tale and then clean it up majorly before posting it to... probably fandomsbitca and pathscrossed with links here.

Right now I am going to sleep for the rest of the week.

Remember kids, dancing in socks on lino is not a good idea.

Tags: nanowrimo, word to the wise
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