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The Art of Vidding Awards is now open for nominations!

My very good friend thedothatgirl is a helluva talented vidder and artist and someone who I have a huge amount of respect for. A little while ago, at the Serenity Cubed convention of all places, we got to talking about sites, vidding and awards. Andrea mentioned that she was keen to open up an awards site for a wider range of fandoms and asked if I would be willing to help out a little. I have to admit I was kind of blown away and flattered to be asked since I'm not widely known in the vidding community. I do have a little experience with vidding although I have yet to complete anything, but I do have the technical training to be completely impressed with the talent that is out there so I have to say I jumped at the chance to be able to acknowledge that talent in a publuc forum.

The AVAs are designed to include multiple fandoms, these are limited to the ones which the judges are involved in because we don't think it would be fair for us to judge something of which we have zero or limited knowledge. So for now, the fandoms we are open to are:

Bones, Deadwood, Doctor Who, House, Lost, Supernatural, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, Whedonverse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Serenity) and Wonderfalls.

Come on over and take a look, if you are a vidder in any (or all) of these fandoms please think about submitting your vid!

And please, feel free to pimp the site around to anywhere you think would be appropriate, you can use the banner I have in this post (made by me...) or there are codes over at the site made by thedothatgirl you can use.

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