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How are you feeling? Do you feel OK? 'Cause I don't.

So any willpower I had to work is now completely gone and it's only been one day - isn't that fun? Although I have found a new fun thing to do to annoy the annoying cleaner. Put on my headphones (on my CD player because my mp3 player is still AWOL) and crank up the volume so that people in the other twelve floors in the building can hear what I'm listening to and watch as she still keeps talking to me. Yeah, I'm kinda anti-social, I know this, but seriously, that woman is just... aggravating. I should put her and sis in a room together, light the blue touch paper and stand well back. It could solve a whole bunch of annoyances all at once.

And I'm back to spamming eljay already, wonderful.

I'm trying to finish at least the main part of the NaNo story before I clean it up and get it beta read - hopefully I should have that done this weekend, emeraldswan? are you still up for that? (by the time I clean it up it shouldn't be quite so long - and when I say done by the weekend, I mean done at my end - there is no rush to get it back *at all*) But it's weird, now that I'm not under the time pressure I'm finding it more difficult to focus enough to actually write anything. During the four weeks I was sitting down and just letting words fill the page, now I'm stopping and thinking about it and it's curbing the creativity. Knowing that doesn't actually seem to be helping though - because all those times I was giggling and shaking my head and saying "I can't believe I just wrote that!", well now I'm looking it and thinking "I can't write that..." and then not writing it. So I guess if I set myself a deadline to have this part of the story wrapped up then I might get back to just getting it done. Ach I dunno, maybe I should resign myself to never actually finishing anything I start... (I'm being semi-sarcastic here, I realise you can't see the wry grin on my face as I typed that so I thought I better elaborate.)

Man... I'm so blasted tired right now, my sleep patterns weren't *that* different while I was away from work but I guess that whole thing where it didn't really matter if I had actual clothes on rather than PJs makes a difference...

I should stop spamming and go write some more of Anne Marie Benoit's back story now. She's a complicated woman.

pimping again

Oh, and it turns out that my caffeine-deprivation headache is being supplemented by a sinus headache. Or at least that's what I think this whole blocked ears and pain at the bridge of my nose is... Just one day I'd like to feel healthy. Is that too much to ask? (although I guess the blocked ears could be having my CD player too loud... nah...)

eta Someone has screwed with my chair. The right armrest is loose. Buggers! I suppose I'm lucky I still have my chair at all after two weeks away, but still, someone has screwed with it!

1 - new codes for WKA
2 - pimp WKA like mad
3 - contact affiliates (and pimp the AVAs to them as well)
4 - contact nominees (and update nominees page)
5 - Dean icons for 100days100icons, cutting it really close for that one.
6 - Paths Crossed ('cause at some point I have to stop calling it NaNo and start calling it by its title...)
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