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I actually had a pretty decent weekend, I had fun with the kids, I was semi-productive, I watched the second half of s1 SPN yesterday (well, I had to check my new DVD player wasn't going to crap out on me...) and I watched all of the nominated AVA vids yesterday to familiarise myself with them.

So why am I not at work? Because at some point in the middle of last night I developed a fever and aches all over. I'm actually feeling better now, but still (as my mum usd to say) 'weak as water'. I have tomorrow booked off work 'cause therapy's at an awkward time what with the yuletide rush (you'd think people got more depressed at this time of year or something...) and I ended up just having to take the day off on leave to solve any arguments. So now I bet my boss is thinking I'm at it and am just planning on having a four-day weekend, which would potentially be a valid argument if it wasn't for the fact that I can't even face the thought of going out to check the mail never mind do anything else. So excuse me while I go curl up under a million blankets and contemplate making some tea.

Oh - and the AVAs round one has now maxed out on submissions, thedothatgirl and I are now in the process of shortlisting and judging. In the meantime, the first of the special 'theme' rounds is now accepting submissions. The theme for this round is Comic Book Heroes - basically vids from any films/TV shows which have evolved from comics - X Men, Superman, Spiderman, Sin City, those kind of things. So head on over and check it out!
Tags: art of vidding awards, awards, health
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