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pass the antihistamines

So my head feels like it's about to explode, I can't stop sneezing and I swear I've got a rash developing. Typical allergic reactions all of 'em. So lemme see, what could I be reacting to?

OMG! I'm allergic to Evanescence!!!

I like(d) the band, really, I did. I fell into the trap of using lyrics in fic before it turned out that everyone decided that would be a great idea - d'you know how old 'All Of Me', 'Alone All Along' and the first part of 'Crimson Regret' are? - I got into a flaming argument with someone who shall remain nameless on a forum I used to frequent on the merits of 'My Immortal' as the perfect (yeah right) Spuffy soundtrack. I still have 'Fallen' and I still listen to it now and then, I quite like the new stuff I'm hearing.

but... the fanvids... they are giving me hives...


Damn it's hard to be subjective when judging vids, especially since as a wannabe-vidder myself I'm in the position of being awed that these things are finished at all. Of course I can see the technical errors (although I'm pretty damn sure I would be making the same errors) and from this I do feel like maybe I'm not so far adrift as I thought I might be, but those vids focusing on... say pairings I am not a fan of, it's difficult to be completely objective about that.

Which is why there's two of us judging, and why I'm really grateful I didn't go down the route of judging the WKA on my own! (Speaking of the WKA, where are all the Spander fics this time?)

Right, I'm just time-wasting before I go out to do some more holiday shopping and then it's off to therapy. Joy.

ETA ah efiction set up, how do I loathe thee... let me count the ways...
Tags: art of vidding awards, awards, wka
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