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sticky fingers...

can't leave anything alone in here... Came into work today, first day this week, I'm freezing and am sitting here with a t-shirt, a jumper and my jacket on, turned round to switch on my heater only to find some bugger's snaffled it! Found it eventually - under the GT's desk - and was on my hands and knees unplugging it when my boss walked up behind me. Of course I have my MP3 player on so I didn't hear her. Can I go home with heart failure now? :)

Working on the prompts you guys have given me, some are done, some aren't but I'll probably batch post them over the weekend. Although the first ten have now been reached, I'm still accepting others - like I said last night, the first ten are definitely getting done, anything after that depends on whether the prompt triggers something. So go ahead, prompt me! (and that sounds so much dirtier out loud than it did in my head...)

ETA okay, Dean doesn't look very content in that mood icon. Unless 'content' has changed its meaning to 'emo'...

second edit posted some SPN fic recs over at pygs_lj. Check 'em out, they're all kinds of awesome.

Oh joy. My laptop, she is not working... I was going to do some more watching of the AVA shortlists this lunchtime, but I can't get the damn thing working. Gah! I swear, it's the library, it's been fine all week, I bring it in to work and all I get is the start up screen and then...nada. Pratchett's view of L-Space is that all libraries everywhere are connected, right? So that a sufficiently trained librarian (say, an orangutan) can travel through all libraries everywhere in time and space? Right, so this library is clearly directly linked to the Sunnydale High School Library because if we were over a Hellmouth it would explain everything. *g*

Absolutely bloody typical! I spend 50 minutes of my lunch trying to get the damn thing to work and just when I give up it decides to play along... *sigh* so of course I just watched the two contenders I have for my judges choice... *g*
Tags: finding motivation, work
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