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That noise you hear? Is my stomach growling. Had a chat with the boss yesterday about my sickness absences. It was a real problem a couple of years ago - even I knew I was pushing it at that point - but it's been under control for a while. Except for this year, it's not *bad* but it's enough to raise some flags so she and I had a little chat. She wants me to get a flu jab 'cause that's what most of my illnesses seem to be - not full blown influenza, but flu symptoms - and she wants me to stop starting at 8 and leaving at 5 'cause it's too long a day what with the hour and a half (or more) each way travelling. I get where she was coming from and I agree for the most part. So today for example, I was planning on coming in and not working until 9 - which I did. After a fashion.

First of all I woke up an hour later than normal because I'd switched my alarm off yesterday and forgot to switch it back on. Choice between shower and breakfast and shower won that debate. Driving to work, hungry, thinking 'I'll stop at a coffee shop, get a coffee and a muffin or something' and then I hit traffic. Really, really, really bad traffic. Turns out there was a house fire in a rural part of my route and of course the roads were blocked by fire trucks and police cars (thankfully no ambulances I could spot though). So I got in later than planned, there was no way I was getting parked on Byres Road long enough to get into a coffee shop so I'm in the office now and am absolutely bloody starving. And my 'flexi buddy' just asked if I could swap breaks with her so it'll be another hour before I can hit the vending machines... Gah!

Feed me now!

Hee! Today's office 'word of the day' is apparently 'Lurgy (dreaded), The". Between me having no energy and random bouts of fever/chills and monkey_matt doing his damndest to bring up a lung, I'm pretty damn sure everyone else is going to be sick by this time next week.


ETA smhwpf - I have your beta ready to send back to you, I suck, sorry! If you haven't got it by 8pm tonight feel free to smack me round the back of the head.
emeraldswan - I got the email on the second try, can't get into my Moments Lost email from work so I can't reply right now. I should be able to get it back to you tonight!
The WKA kinda exploded with nominations - over the last week they've almost doubled. So there'll be another site update over the weekend - nominations are still open until the end of this month.
The AVA judging is *hard* - my head may explode and I can't get one particular song out of my head despite not knowing the lyrics - and no, it's not Evanescence.
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