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It's one of *those* days...

Conversation from earlier:
"If you were a musical instrument, what would you be?"
monkey_matt to J: you'd be a cornet. Small, loud and shiny.
C to me: you'd be a harp.
Me to C: Aw! Is that 'cause I'm big and hard to get up stairs?
C to me: that's not what I heard, I heard it's easy to get you upstairs...

Conversation from a minute ago:
Me: monkey_matt? D'you remember the CD-Roms when you were at Enquiries? Was there one called 'Orgam'?
monkey_matt: Surely there's a letter missing there?
Me: *eyeroll*

ETA monkey_matt has just processed a book written by A. Litvinienko which is personally signed by the man, C just turned round and said "that's what we've all got!" So it's not The Dreaded Lurgy after all!

And later conversation (that happened as I was typing)
C to me: I got this mug, three for a pound.
Me to C: That's really cheap, maybe you can't put it through the washing machine or something...
Me, realising what I've just said: *headdesk*
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