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You know what's a really bad idea? Waiting until the very last minute to complete an icon claim at a community and deciding to actually make icons to be proud of instead of throwing together some basic ones.

*rubs sore back*

I've been sitting at my desk for the past... 36 hours (with a six hour break for sleep) making icons and cursing my computer which has objected to being open for so long and running such a hog of a programme as Photoshop for that length of time. Still. I'm done.

*falls over dead*

First 11 of these were made way back 100 days ago and are, to put it bluntly, crap. Or at least, most of them are. #12-13 were made a while ago when I had this insane idea of making lots of mini-movie icons and then only made three (those two and the logo one I have in my userpics); 14-47 were made when I was playing about with (and actually starting to get) selective coloring layers and although they're plain, I'm kinda proud of a lot of them. And 48-100 were made yesterday and today, revisiting a lot of my old favourite techniques and utilising tutorials I have bookmarked.

Never again am I spending such an intense amount of time in front of Photoshop. Never, ever, ever again... until next time. :)


More? Here you go...

There are images in there that could be spoilery if you've not seen any of season two yet. And monkey_matt, when my back is less sore and I can face sitting at my computer again, I'll try to get them burned to DVD format for you.

ETA The stuff I've been working on from the prompts you guys gave me will be posted as soon as I've taken some time away from the computer. Probably tonight or tomorrow. :)
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