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Writing kinda rocks...

I'm writing again! Yay! Feels good to just get this out there right now. smhwpf is a star for answering my "I suck, tell me I don't suck?!" panic attack yesterday *huggles Sam*, and thank you all for giving me these prompts! I'm probably going to be doing this again soon - it's a lot of fun!

So, from the prompts so far, we have:

Claire Bennet, Red for bastardsnow
Dawn Summers, Green also for bastardsnow (greedy... *g*)
Willow Rosenberg, Purple for velvetwhip
Dawn Summers, "Colorforms? What?" for tessarin
Sam Winchester, Pink for engelsteorra
Kaylee Frye, "You can't take the sky from me" for invisionary

The rest will be coming soon! Plus, I had originally planned to do ficlets and graphics for all of these (I know, I kept that kinda quiet) so all of these will be re-visited within the week.


smhwpf - you should have TotF back now, if you don't, lemme know! Sorry again for the hold-up. And emeraldswan - got the email, will be working on it tonight. *hugs*

Lesson of the day: one cannot take a 110° corner at 60 mph in fourth gear whilst drumming along with OCS's "The Riverboat Song". *nods*
Lesson #2: Don't leave baking until the last minute. I made chocolate chip cookies, raisin cookies, gingerbread christmas trees and chocolate brownies last night to bring into work (we're not going out for a meal this year, we're having a 'party' in the office instead). The only thing that is actually edible is the chocolate chip cookies. I can cook, really, but not at the last minute apparently...
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