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Updating WKA nominees page right now and a fic I absolutely adore and have been *What?!* that it hasn't been nominated yet, HAS NOW BEEN NOMINATED! *happy dance!*

(I haven't uploaded the page just yet by the way, still got about thirty more to check out and add before I do)

ETARight. As of 10.45am (GMT), all eligble nominees have been added to the site. The quality is again astounding and there are a lot of gems in there that I wasn't aware of before now (and had to stop myself reading them right the way through otherwise the page would never have been updated!). I'm going to compile a list of the categories that could do with some more entries (or... any at all...) but please, go take a look if you haven't done so yet, enjoy the fics/art/vids that are linked to and think about nominating some more! There's no limit to the number of times you can submit nominations, just remember that an author can only be nominated once in each category (and also that the pairings will be sub-divided once five nominations for a specific pairing are received).
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