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White Knight Awards update

The nominees page has now been updated once more, and again I am so happy to see all of those nominees in there - some of them have been baffling me with their absence up until now and others have blown me away completely this morning as I've been validating them.

There are still three days left to get your nominations in and there are a few categories which could do with some more nominations. They are as follows:

Site - Overall, content and design
Het Author
Academically Dangerous (stories set during the High School years)
All About The Journey (series)
Yanni CD & a Bottle of Chianti (romance fics)
Multimedia (art, vids etc)

And of course every other category is still wide open for new nominations!

White Knight Awards nominees page


And a question on behalf of a friend who deserves much more recognition. Can you guys suggest archives, communities, sites etc where one could post or promote primarly 'gen' fics set in the Buffy-verse. Fics focusing on the background characters or the mythology - any idea of the best places to promote these? (Aside from su_herald and pygs_lj of course, as they've already been suggested.)
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