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Storm's passed

Storm's passed. Literally and figuratively.


Went on a cleaning frenzy after I last posted and ended up calling Sis to bitch at her about the buggy. She's got the message now.

Then I sat down to type up reviews and comments on some of the round one winners over at the AVAs and as I was rewatching them (especially my judge's choice) I just got back into the right mindset and was feeling pretty damn good about myself.

And then the storm hit. Thunder, lightening, horizontal hailstones and rain (the wind's pretty strong).

I adore thunderstorms.

I stood out on my front step and watched as it passed directly overhead. It was awesome.

And now there's blue skies stretching out over the hills.

Right at this moment I feel so lucky to have the friends that I have, to live in Scotland, to have all the things I need and some of the things I want, to be me. New Year's Resolution? To remember this feeling when the bad times come, to know that the storm will pass.
Tags: brave new world outlook
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