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First post of the year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years, however you spent it! How about we kick this year off the best way possible?

With slayerversathon!! Yes, I decided that rather than host it on my own journal, I would create a community for the 'athon' which people can join, post their work to, read/view other people's work and generally enjoy! The masterlist is up there already (I've been a busy girl this morning!) so you don't have to post to the community, you can leave me a comment on there and I'll add it to the masterlist! (In fact, even if you do post to the comm, it would be an idea to post a comment there as well, just in case it gets missed). If you missed the original inspiration for the 'athon', see this post on my journal for details! All BtVS/AtS/Fray etc work is accepted - nay, encouraged! - fic, graphics, vids, meta, anything your heart desires and your muse inspires! I'm going to be spending a bit of time today prettying up the comm, and then working on my own contribution for it. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

On a related note, nominations for the White Knight Awards round four are now officially closed. I'll be finalising the nominees and contacting all of you/them over the next couple of days and voting will begin on the seventh of January. Thank you all for your support of the site and good luck!

And another awards site I'm working with, thedothatgirl's awesome Art of Vidding Awards round one winners have now been announced. The site is multi-fandom (although it is limited to those fandoms the judges (Andrea and I) participate in) and the quality of vids there was awesome - picking winners from all the entries was nigh on impossible! Round Two opens for business today, and there is a special theme round ongoing as well (Comic Book Heroes) - head over and check it out!
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