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I've had two icons nominated over at super_awards - I've never been nominated (so far as I know) in one of those communities and it's always been one of those things I've aspired to. Yeah, I have no life and my aspirations are a little odd!


My graphics muse is back now and I have a list of things I want to accomplish today sitting right in front of me, top of that list is Booster's Banners - I don't quite believe it's been so long since I said I'd have a try at them. I think someone must have opened some kind of time/space rift somewhere. Possibly in the centre of Cardiff. *g* (Torchwood kinda rocked - I've been a little ambivalent about the show up until now, but Combat was fantastic (if a teeny bit predictable) and the two part finale was just awesome. I may give the whole season a rewatch at some point soon to see if the earlier episodes fare better the second time around (although Countrycide is never going to be anything but a huge disappointment to me. In case you missed it, I'm an SPN fan and I love the film Dog Soldiers - that might go a very long way towards explaining why the TW episode leaves me cold.)

On the other hand, the Sarah Jane Adventures was a bit crap really. I know it's aimed at kids - and they'll probably love it - but is it me or is Lis Sladen a bit... wooden in it?)

Aaaanyways, I was all productive yesterday, posted graphics to slayerversathon (come, join, post!), finished and returned emeraldswan's beta for SKoH6 and made some other graphics (new banner for the AVAs and a couple of wallpapers which were made for specific people, if I get the go ahead from them I'll post them publicly soon). Planning on doing the same today - but without the staying up to 4am watching Studio 60... I got work tomorrow. *g*
Tags: this productivity can't last, torchwood
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