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conversations with strange people #34568

whiskyinmind: I need to get ahold of that magazine - there's a free professional video editing programme on the disk!
monkey_matt: and that's just the next step in your fandom madness
whiskyinmind: Nuh-uh, it's me going back to what I was trained to do. If I had a proper edit suite I could knock one out in an hour.
monkey_matt: (descends into the hysterical giggling of the terminally dirty minded)

whiskyinmind: Why are there four kick-stools in the department?
monkey_matt : Because there are a lot of short people here.
whiskyinmind (tries and fails to thwap Monkey on the back of the head)
monkey_matt: We could line them up and J could jump from one to the other... did you ever play that game 'Pirates' when you have to jump from one thing to another without touching the ground?
whiskyinmind: I was in the Girl Guides, of course I played it.
monkey_matt: I was never in Girl Guides
whiskyinmind: if it wasn't for the gutter my mind would be homeless.

whiskyinmind: [nameless person] - sweet kid but a bit blonde, either that or [other nameless person] really shouldn't have been the one to train her.
monkey_matt: Yup.  The Deaf leading the Blonde.  Always a danger in traffic.
Tags: humour
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