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about last night

Apologies for the bad language in my last post, I was a little shaken up and my internal LJ swearing filter was switched off. Sorry if I caused anyone any offence.

I'm fine, my car is fine, I think I can get away without having to take it to a garage for repairs (again thanks my dad for encouraging me to know how to fix things on my own) and I'm going to have an unofficial chat to a policeman friend of mine today to see if it's worth actually making an official report given that there were no injuries and damage is so negligable.

This post is really just to say I'm okay, sorry for swearing, and thank you all for your support. I'm feeling better about my driving instincts now, I think I did make the right choices - if you can call them choices when it all seemed to be automatic at the time - and although I'm a teeny bit nervy about getting back behind the wheel, I will.

And fresleyforever, you know I'm here for you honey, any time you need me.
Tags: real life

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