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I have no subject. I am subjectless.

I have a new goal, to not be so introspective and whiney on this journal. I think I've done pretty well so far this year, and yes I know it's early days, but still, go team me!

The bad news is I'm unaccountably scatty this morning and I have a headache. Nothing constructive is going to get done and as soon as I decided to focus on my slayerversathon fic the characters in Paths Crossed decided to start tormenting me again at random times of the day. I am sticking to my one-thing-at-a-time deal but it's tough. Self discipline! That's the key! And I need to stop watching the fanvid that's entered in this round of the Art of Vidding Awards which, barring an even better one, will be getting my vote for every damn category it's in. It's just that damn good and every time I watch it (which is a lot) I got more and more hooked. Now I just have to make thedothatgirl agree... *g*

We are really close to meeting the target for nominees for round two - only a few more spaces so if you're a vidder in any of the fandoms, go! Submit!

And as an ongoing project, I'm making some 'couples' icons from SPN, iyalode asked a little while back if there were any Dean/Jess icons out there and I had a go at some last night. Plus, I think I want a Dean/Meg icon for myself because I'm kinda twisted. Any suggestions for what/who I can icon? (This is something I'm doing in the downtime when I'm not writing, it's not a whole new thing, it's me keeping my hand in graphics wise.)

I should go now and tell my boss that apparently the web page I have to ask the person responsible for to update has no one responsible for it. Guess who'll end up with it? On paper it'll be her, but in reality it'll be muggins here. :)

(Oh! Meant to say, can anyone who has already voted over at the WKA let me know (without details) if you have voted for the Mbuna Fish award or either of the multimedia awards? I'm not showing any hits on those ones.)
Tags: art of vidding awards, graphics, random
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