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Yes, I am insane.

I signed up for this BtVS crossover ficathon. Sign ups are open until today, prompts'll be sent out soon and fics are due in March. All you have to do is say which BtVS/AtS characters you can't write, which crossover character you want to write and whether you'd prefer writing het, slash or gen. Go, sign up!

In other news, my Illyria character piece has stalled on me a little, well, when I say stalled, I mean it didn't even get out of the garage, so I think my slayerversathon piece may be Faith-centric. It may even be a prequel to something else that I have already been working on.

And with that, I shall leave you all before I spam you relentlessly today.

(except to say, this song is on my as-yet-unreleased SPN/BtVS fanmix, why the hell has it not been vidded yet? "You know I can be everything you want me to be, but we haven't spoke in days, yeah in fact it's been a matter of weeks, so the next time that you need me don't expect a call" could that be any more perfect for the Dean and John dynamic in early season one?!
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