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Bad storm last night, in fact it's still ongoing, but not an electrical storm. Nope, this is just about getting as much water out of the sky and onto the ground as quickly (and as hard) as possible and hey, why not blow over some trees at the same time?

So I'm not at work 'cause my road's blocked with fallen trees. What a shame.

I actually am kinda annoyed at this, 'cause I'm busy at work, I have a million and one things to do and they're time critical. I phoned in about a half hour ago to let J know what was happening and she said that she was the only supervisor in the office 'cause I'm not in and C's phoned in sick. (He lives near-ish me so he might be in the same situation I'm in as well as being ill) So I can imagine my direct boss (J's C's boss, L is mine) giving me a huge lecture about it tomorrow, but seriously, apart from getting in the way of the farm workers who are currently trying to clear the road with their tractors there is nothing I can do. (And no, I ain't getting the train - we get landslips on the line all the time here.) I did make sure that everyone had things to do and that the important tasks were being covered ('cause god love her, but J will tend to monopolise the staff doing slightly less critical things that she wants to get done while the serials supervisors are struggling to find people to do the vital stuff) but the fact that I'm not in is going to cause problems.

So... I guess I'm at home today, although I will head out again and see if they've cleared the road any in an hour or so, and at one point last night (I think when my bins were knocked over and it woke me up) I was writing in very bad handwriting on the notepad I keep by my bed. My slayerversathon fic is underway and I think it's going to work. Speaking of, I'm being lazy, there's a Mark Twain quote I want to get exact - it's something like "Discover the path and make it yours", does that sound right?

So yeah, today's going to be a wasted day mostly. I should try to do something productive.

ETA acrazywench? The Serenity4 tickets showed up this morning. We got our original numbers - #11 and #12. I kid you not. 11 and 12. Never had a ticket so low in the numbers before!
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