the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

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well here I am...

... wait a minute, how did I end up with all these people from my work in my house? And why does my house suddenly look like my office? Where am I? Who am I?

Yeah... I came into work. Road's more or less cleared (although there are at least six sets of temporary lights between my house and the first major road) so I figured I'd come in and play the martyr. "Yes, it wasn't easy but I managed it... 80mph winds they clocked it at..." etc.


So here I am with my Wiley list to check and no lunch because I'm an idiot and forgot to bring any. So monkey_matt's biscuits it'll have to be. (And is it just me or does that sound a teeny bit dirty?)
Tags: work
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