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okay, I have the best neighbours

So I was planning on going across to my neighbour's house after lunch to test the waters about the fence issue and then there was a knock at my door at 10.30 this morning. He's a really nice guy and seemed to have been more worried that my car might have been damaged than anything else. And he's a Star Wars geek. (I'm wearing a SW t-shirt today, we got talking about it). He's propped up the fence so it doesn't fall over any more and make it worse, he's going to have a go at fixing it this week and - surprisingly enough - he asked if I'd be interested in selling some of my land to him. Remember I said it was an odd shape? He wants to look into straightening the lines. So we're going to investigate it, I don't know if I'll end up doing it because it might reduce the value of my property more than I would gain by selling it, but at the moment it's wasted ground so it might be worth it.

And my other neighbour came across to tell me my car was still fine, in case I'd heard the noise their carport was making in the winds last night.

I kinda have the best neighbours, just a shame about the guy in the house on the other side of my wall, with his boyband music playing at stupid volumes at stupid o'clock. Just as well I'm a rock chick and can retaliate. Loudly. :)

(finally watched SPN Hunted. Have thoughts which I might manage to put into a seperate post soon. And I got zero writing done yesterday 'cause sis asked for help getting her shopping and I ended up there until about 9pm last night, so the Faith fic is going to take longer than I hoped for, sorry!)
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